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Ahmad: “Six Clues to Achieving Your Dreams”

Ahmad’s appearance on TV show “The Chocolate Box.” (Part 1)

Ahmad’s appearance on the TV show “The Chocolate Box.” (Part 2)

Keynoter: 2017 Tempe MLK Diversity Awards Breakfast

Keynoter: 2017 Holy Trinity Community AME Church 3rd Annual Unity in the Community Black History Fellowship Breakfast “Why We Celebrate Black History Month”






Forty short, pithy homilies, coupled with penetrating questions and insightful exercises on each topic, create an environment for personal and cultural change throughout a society much in need of improved self-understanding and universal acceptance of the diversity and uniqueness of being that IS the human experience. If you feel that you don’t quite “fit,” this is a book you should read/study. E-book available for $4.99 at —Hardcopy-$19.95 plus shipping and handling can be purchased  below.
To Your Journey Forum Topics have included:

  • Silent Pain: Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Self-Love: More Than Narcissism
  • Daring to Look at Ourselves
  • Who Am I? Am I “Really” Who I Am? Am I All I Ought to Be?
“Forty Clues…have assisted me in taking another look at myself and where I am going.”
J. Ellis – Durham, NC
“I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased the book but was pleasantly surprised to learn it was in workbook format which made it more interactive and reader friendly.”
C. Mckethan – New York, NY
“Brother Ahmad has given brothers in particular and all in general an an opportunity to look at themselves and address issues vital to growth and development.”
Thanks for the book.
G. Watson – London, England
The “To Your Journey Workbook”is a tool that when properly utilized will challenge the reader-participant to take ownership of a newly envisioned and improved future by going back (Sankofa) and taking ownership of the past. It is through the going back into your personal, historical and cultural past that you become able to assemble paradigms from that past that equips you with the tools to establish frameworks and foundations for the future.Order now for just $25 (includes S&H)

Imagine what begins to happen when hundreds and
thousands  begin to work on the establishing of the community through collective dialogues?
 Join our network on a Journey of Power, Freedom & Self-Actualization and order your copy today!Welcome to a new and exciting approach to life.To Your Journey! Ahmad Daniels
To Your Journey Coaching Programs, Workshops, Seminars & Tele-Classes
The “To Your Journey Workbook” contains 40 “Clues” (that which brings you closer to a desired end) consisting of adages, proverbs and quotes either by the author or by prominent, and not so prominent, persons in history. Each adage, proverb or quote is followed by at least four corresponding questions which are to be answered individually and discussed collectively with the group. The group sessions are meant to create an environment where men can engage in heartfelt discussions that lead to more meaningful relationships with themselves as well as others.This will be accomplished through group work with the “To Your Journey Workbook” and facilitated discussions on the issues of the day pertinent to African America in particular and society in general.Contact us for more information about our Coaching Programs, Workshops, Seminars & Tele-Classes by completing our online contact form or calling us at 704.491.3053.

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