Creative Interchange and their hand picked team of facilitators and speakers are dynamic, effective and professional.They will work really closely with you and your organization to insure that your meetings, workshops & conference run as smooth as possible.  Click here to contact us for more information about our services.
Keynote Speaking Engagements
Decades of local, national, and international involvement have uniquely positioned Creative Interchange to bring more than clichés to the speaker’s rostrum. Creative Interchange’s experiences creates an opportunity to bring forth perspectives that are vast, insightful, and well articulated. No matter what the theme of your conference, banquet, or meeting, we will add the touch to set it apart from all the rest.
Workshop & Meeting Facilitation
An experienced and skilled facilitator assists in getting members to: express their fears and expectations, actively work to create a climate of safety and acceptance, provide encouragement and support as members explore highly personal material or as they try new behavior, involve as many members as possible in the group interaction by inviting and sometimes even challenging members to participate, work toward lessening the dependency on the leader, encourage open expression of conflict and controversy and help members overcome barriers to direct communication.Creative Interchange’s aim is the same as yours; assist them in opening up clear communication among the members and help them reach their goals by encouraging them to increase their responsibility for the direction of their group.
Personal Development Workshops
The realities of Wellness—the process of continuous striving towards one’s level of optimal health—is at the core of Creative Interchange’s Personal Development Workshops.Through realizing and appreciating the interrelatedness of the mind, body, and spirit, the participant is better positioned to make self-discoveries that are new and bold.
Community Development Workshops
The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is laudable and is often repeated by many. Yet, it presupposes the village is a healthy one up to the task of raising children. Either the village has a basic knowledge about the world, the skills vital to navigating in that world coupled with an ability to adapt to change, or the village cannot compete in the new global human ecology. And if the village cannot compete, there is no longer a place for it or its population in the world. Creative Interchange’s national and international involvements are presented in a way that participants in his Community Development Workshops depart wanting to begin work that will leave their communities more beautiful and beneficial then when they inherited them.
Men to Men…Heart to Heart Forums
The Men to Men…Heart to Heart Forums create environments where heartfelt discussions lead to more meaningful relationships. Monthly topics have included Silent Pain: Mind, Body and Spirit; Self-Love: More Than Narcissism: Daring to Look At Ourselves and Who Am I? Am I “Really” Who I Am? Am I All I Ought to Be?

     Transformational Life Coaching  

Life coaching, simply put, is the asking of powerful questions in such a way that results in your going inside for the answers. It is the attentive listening on our behalf that creates an environment where you can go within…deep within in a manner you never have before. Come to know the serenity that is awaiting you through your realtionship with our life coach.   To your journey!

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