Abolitionist Frederick Douglass was no stranger to the spoken word. His “What To The Slave Is the Fourth of July?” delivered in 1852, is an example of the power of words. Mr. Douglass knew that “talking did not solve all the problems, but no problems could be solved unless there was first some talking.”

One hundred years later the significance of words are made clear when Malcolm X proclaimed,” Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern you change your attitude. And once you change your attitude it changes your behavior pattern.”

If words can lead to changed behaviors, then it is incumbent upon me to seek philosophies, ideas and opinions that are expressed in such a way that they move us from where we are to another place on our journey of continued self-discovery and self-determination.

It is my intention to share information with you in the months to come that will broaden your outlook on life in general and yourself in particular. I will contribute much of what you will read but will invite to this space contributors whose message deserves to be read.

Messages that address the mind, body and spirit in one way or another. What I and others will have in common will be a genuine belief that there is a real power in the word. A power that can generate ideas, emotions, and actions capable of bringing into existence people that collectively can make the village the healthy and caring environment conducive to the proper rearing of a child.

The road before us all is long and arduous. Yet our way has been made brighter with the illuminating words of Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, and so many others who shared their minds and hearts with us…with the world. Those who believed in the family of man and sought, in a real sense, to shake up the world.

Welcome to Creative Interchange. Where Changed Philosophies Lead to Changed Behaviors.

To Your Journey,

Ahmad Daniels, M.Ed.
Transformation Facilitator and Life Coach

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