The chant “Freedom Ain’t Free” used extensively during the self-determination continues to require resources.

Many aren’t always able or willing to attend meetings or organize town hall gatherings but want to support and embrace the cause.

Bi-Annual Town Hall Meetings – To host and facilitate two town hall meetings a year that address issues of significance to the community.

Leadership Institute – Provide attendees with an opportunity to acquire and sharpen skills that will equip them to become contributors of the community.

Mothers Raising Boys Workshops – Whether a woman can make a “boy” a “man” is debatable. What is not open for debate are the benefits that accrue when mother places additional tools in their how-to-raise-a-son toolbox.

To Your Journey Workshops – An opportunity to engage in heartfelt discussions that lead to more meaningful relationships through the use of the “TO YOUR JOURNEY WORKBOOK.”

Creative Interchange Action Fund – “Where Changed Philosophies Lead to Changed Behavior” is the motto; creating curriculum and facilitating workshops that achieve these ends is what we do.

Your tax deductible financial contribution will go far in making sure Creative Interchange continues to be on the front line!

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